Our 39-Year Married Life Begins

The war was in full swing, there was a sense of urgency in the air. We started our married life with the knowledge that the future held – what? One thing we knew for sure was that the military would be a part of that future and that it wouldn’t be long in coming. As it turned out, we had two months before Vernon went into the Army. It wasn’t difficult to get temporary War-Service jobs in Civil Service, so I resigned my job at Federal Housing to make the most of the time we would have together. We lived at 4534 University Avenue in San Diego. It was a neat little place and we “played house” – living each day to the fullest. I remember it as a happy time. A colorful part of that neighborhood was the noisy #7 street cars that passed by every ten minutes, bringing conversation to a halt. We didn’t mind though, because it was a convenient, cheap, means of transportation to just about any part of the city.