The Last Year


Note: This page was written by Bernadine's son, Bradley Ward after Bernadine had passed on to Glory.

Early in 2009, Bernadine's health began to slip considerably. She began to have considerable problems with back pain and had to undergo multiple vertebroplasty procedures to shore up collapsing vertebra in her spine due largely to age and osteoporosis. In late April and early May she spent 30 days in an extended care facility where she received intense intense physical therapy aimed at improving her quality of life.

After the 30 days in extended care, she was able to return to her home with Brad and Camille, but in just a few weeks the back pain returned. For the past several years, Bernadine had hired an assistant that would come in to help her with the routine housekeeping chores, doing the laundry, etc. When the back pain became a significant problem, this care was increased from a half a day two times a week up to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

By early June she could no longer take care of her own medications and so Brad and Camille took over this task. But very soon after that she was requiring significant pain medications every few hours around the clock, making it very difficult for Brad and Camille to take care of her and continue their regular day jobs.

So in June of 2010, she moved into a new apartment at an assited living facility very close to Brad and Camilles home, where she remained until her passing on May 18, 2010.