After High School

Throughout my early childhood I remember Mother and Daddy talking and planning for my college. Every year they set aside five acres of the cotton crop and a portion of the livestock for my college fund. To them the words “college” and “Harold Simmons University” were synonyms. I’m sure that I had expressed a real desire to attend some other school they would have considered it, but it was never mentioned. But “the best laid plans of mice and men oft times go astray”. Mother’s prolonged illness and death and Daddy’s deteriorating health brough financial failure to those plans. Still they remained firmly in my mind and heart. After I graduated at Cross Plains High School I packed my things in one piece of luggage (we called luggage “suitcases” in those days) and headed for Abilene, Texas – the location of Hardin Simmons University. I was completely on my own (Grandmother and Grandaddy didn’t approve). I found a job with a family there to earn my room and board by doing some light housework and baby sitting. I worked part time at a furniture store for some expense money that just barely covered essentials. So I set out for my dream – I walked 25 block each way to the campus. Obviously, this plan was doomed to failure (especially when the cold winter weather began), I lasted less than a semester. Unfortunately, I was not aware of such things as student loans, less expensive state schools, etc.
With great disappointment I took another direction and enrolled in Draugn’s Business College which was located in the same block as the furniture store where I worked part-time and only ten or twelve blocks from the family’s home where I worked for room and board – I walked of course.

My boyfriend interest during this period, Rufus Roberts.

Worked for room and board at the home of Theo and Alice Boack

Helped with the Boack boys, Theo and J.R.