Family Tree
Great-Great Grandfathers
Garrett, Walker, and Tucker
Walker Family Reunion
Garrett Family
Garrett Family History
Garrett Home
Courting Years
World War I
Maola Garrett
Merlin Garrett
Eula Belle Garrett
Bill Rone
Married Life Begins
Birth to Age 8
Valley View Baptist Church/School
Mother's Illness
Walker Reunion II
James H. Rone
The Rone Home
Some of the Rones
Grandaddy's First Car
Aunt Bernice
Four More Aunts
Grandaddy's Garage
Christmas 1950's
High School Years
After High School
San Diego
Vernon Ward/Marriage
Debut of the Wards
Married Life Begins
Duty Calls
Collapse of a Dream
Back to San Diego
Waiting for VJ Day
Navy Friends
Feathering the Nest
VJ Day and Peacetime
San Diego Friends
Birth of Margie
Birth of Bradley
Leland Mississippi
Alpharetta Georgia
The Last Year
Claming Her Reward
Life Celebration