Aunt Bernice and Family

Aunt Bernice was the youngest of the Rones. She played a large part in our lives. A year or so after Mother died she, Uncle Herman and their boys, Rex and Delmar moved to our home in Valley View to help Daddy farm and just generally to help Daddy and I cope. For a while they lived with us in our house before moving into another house on the farm. It was good to have a mother figure take charge of mother type chores. She was a great cook and seamstress. She made pretty school dresses for me. It was fun having Rex and Delmar to play with. They were both a little younger than I. We’d spend many hours on Nellie, the horse, riding all over the country-side exploring. We set traps down in the pasture – the only thing I remember catching was a skunk – which was a problem. We fished in the creek and played cowboy and Indians. I was usually the maiden in distress rescued by the “good” cowboys.

Eventually we all grew up, married and had children of our own. Many Christmas seasons were spent at their house. Vernon, Margie, Brad and I made the long trip from Mississippi to be with them. That was before the days of heated or air-conditioned cars. The roads were two-lane with portions not paved. So we really wanted to be with that part of the family or we wouldn’t have gone through those travel discomforts.

1964 Christmas Dinner with Aunt Bernice, Uncle Herman and family.

Christmas 1964, left to right:
(bottom) Brad, Mark, Cindy.
(top) Margie, Uncle Hermon, Aunt Bernice, Mike.

Christmas 1954
Rex, Vida Mae and Judy

Aunt Bernice

Daddy and Delmar



Delmar and Eloise - 1979

Rex, 1954

From left:
Delmar, Aunt Bernice, Rex.