Birth of Margie

I don’t believe its possible for a baby to be more welcomed into this world than was Margie Sue Ward. Parents and Grandparents anticipated her arrival. I will confess though, that her Mother was a bit anxious about how to handle an infant. I had never been around babies. That’s where Daddy came in. He had helped quite a bit with nieces and nephews so he took over those early days with complete confidence, and of course I soon caught on.
When Margie was two weeks old we decided to make a trip back to Cross Plains, Texas to show her off to the relatives. Looking back I tend to think that was a crazy thing to do, but we were young and invulnerable. So in the extreme heat of late July, and early August, we loaded the old car (unairconditioned) and started across the desert on that long, long drive. It was so hot we dipped cloth diapers in water and put them across the window for a little cooling. Mostly we held up in a tourist court (that’s what they called motels in those days) during the day and traveled by night. By the grace of God, we made the trip safely. I shudder to think what might have happened if the old car had broken down in the desert with the temperature soaring well over 100 degrees.
Thanks to the generous federal leave system, I had accumulated about six months of annual sick leave, so was able to stay home with Margie those first months. Then I went back to work, leaving her in the capable hands of Grandmother Ward. I still remember my tears at leaving her that first day back at work. Fortunately I was able to quit work in a few months and had the privilege of being a full-time mother the rest of her childhood.

My baby shower, May 6, 1949.
The upright figures are ice cream molded in the shape of babies.

Before disposable diapers, stacks of cloth diapers.
The advantage of cloth was their second life as dust cloths and window-washing rags.

I thought little girls should have hair bows, even if they had to be scotch-taped least long enough to make a picture.

Smacker, the family cat...there's always been a cat in our family.

She was held in high esteem by her Daddy and Grandaddy Rone.