Birth to Age 7 or 8
Bernadine Rone, born January 29, 1922


I loved cats at an early age:
Mother, me and Maola

Maola and me with a cat.

Mother always thought that the back of a baby's neck was an especially sweet part...


Baby chickens pecking at my toes as Aunt Minnie looks on.

From left: Eula, Bernadine, Merlin, and Aunt Cordulla Marshall and her baby daughter.

Left: Aunt Cordulla with her baby.

Seymour Farm

I think I was in the second grade when we moved to the "Seymour Farm". It was less than a quarter of a mile from the Valley View school and church - the center of our social life. While daddy farmed these rented farms he was buying land near Snyder, Texas as he worked towards his dream of owning our own farm. He had almost achieved his dream when Mother got sick. Many months in the hospital and her death brought financial ruin to Daddy. This was before the days of health insurance, so Daddy had to sell the Snyder land. Not too many months later, oil was discovered on the land, and brought wealth to the new owners - some investors from California - one of which was Bob Hope.

Fritz, Poodle, and I.