Courting Years (Garrett-Rone)

Eula Belle Garrett – William Timothy Rone

Approximately 1915 to January 22nd, 1921 (Marriage date)

This seemed to have been a “girl next door – childhood sweetheart” type of romance. They lived on neighboring farms about 3 or 4 miles from the small town of Cross Plains, Texas. Mother (Eula Garrett) was born in Eolian, a tiny settlement that no longer exists. It was in Stephens County, about 50 miles from Cross Plains. Her birthplace was a sod house, typical of early settlers. Her family moved to the farm near Cross Plains when she was a small child. She went to the one-room school in Dressy, about three miles from Cross Plains. After finishing there, her parents sent her to boarding school, probably in one of the larger towns adjacent to Cross Plains. I remember as a child being impressed with the Latin she had learned there.

Daddy (Bill Rone) was born on the farm that his parents had homesteaded. His parents, two sisters, and a brother lived there the rest of their lives. Daddy went to the school in Dressy also. He and mother were part of a group of young people in the community who courted in buggies, as shown in the pictures. After he came back from World War I, they were married and went ‘out west’ to settle on a farm in Mitchell County, seven miles north of Loraine, Texas.;


Eula and Bill: June 4th, 1916

August 22, 1920

Bill, Eula, Maola

From left: Dot(?), Merlin, Eula, Bill

Bill and Eula in carriage