Debut of the Ward Family

The family came to San Diego from Nebraska late 1939 or 1940, not sure of the exact date. Mount Vernon Ward worked during the war for Solar Aircraft Company, afterwards for the San Diego Transit System. They had four children.
The oldest was Ora. She was married and lived in Oregon. I only met her two or three times.
Next was daughter Vera Catherine. She was married to Delmar Hunt, a lieutenant in the army. They had four children and lived in the San Diego area. During that period of time she used her first name “Vera”, but in later years she went by “Catherine” or “Cathy”, which she liked best. She and Delmar were divorced about the time the war was over and she later married Vic Carpenter.
They had one son, Ronnie. They moved to Greenville, Mississippi shortly after we came to Leland so we spent more time with them than any of the rest of the Ward family.
Next in age was Vernon, then the youngest son, Arthur. He and his wife, Margie, had two daughters. They lived in the Los Angeles, San Diego area and later retired in Arizona.

1969 - Arthur and his wife, Margie


1932, from left:
Arthur - 6 years, Cathy - 11 years, Vernon - 8 years,

Vernon - age 10 or 11

Mount Vernon Ward (we called him Pops), and Clarence (Nora's oldest son)

Nora Edith Ward (we called her Mom)