Feathering the Nest

Raw materials were used for the war effort, not for building new houses and apartments. The influx of people to the west coast was great because of the location of military installations, aircraft factories, shipyards, etc. So by the law of supply and demand this made housing shortages and high rents. Federal Housing Authority had a partial answer by erecting temporary, almost barracks-like apartments. While Vernon was overseas I was fortunate enough to obtain a one-bedroom apartment.
From 0800-1630 (we were on military time) each day I was at 11th Naval District Headquarters working. Many of the other hours of my life was spent feathering this new nest, making it ready for Vernon’s return. I made curtains, painted, and accumulated bits and pieces of furniture, dishes, etc.
I wrote letters every day with pictures and descriptions of our new home. On the backs of these pictures are descriptions and comments. This illustrates my efforts to paint the picture for Vernon of the home that he would be coming back to. He, in turn, sent some pictures to help me understand his life (previous page). Letters were the life blood of war-separated families.