High School Years

After Mother’s death I came to live with Grandmeother and Grandaddy Garrett to go to high school. Their house was about a block and a half from school so I walked. My best friend lived across the street, Fern Taylor. She was the bright spot of those years. She was a happy, bubbley, personality – just what I needed to help me through a sad period. Daddy’s health had deteriorated and he was in the Veteran’s Hospital in Albuquerque, NM most of those years, so I missed both he and Mother.

Lucille Montgomery was another friend. Harold Barcley was the high school heart throb. The heart breaker was when pretty blonde Mary Jane Foster came on the scene. I consoled myself with Tom Arrowood and Jack McMillian.

On the afternoon before graduation - its not what you think, we found these beer cans at the city dump.
Kneeling, from left: Katherine Hall and Patti Sue Coburn.
Standing, from left: Granvel Pierce, Bobby Hice, and Calvin Lackey.

1939 CPHS Senior Class

50 Years Later: September 30th, 1989

Granvel Pierce was the class member who held the class together, especially in the later years. He made it his hobby to keep up with the lives and addresses of class members and was instrumental in organizing class reunions. He wrote annually to those who were separated by many miles, keeping them informed of the class reunions. He sent pictures to those who couldn't attend. As I wrtie this, our 60th reunion is in the not-too-distant future, and Granvel is still keeping us together.

50th Anniversary Banquet - I'm making a thank-you speech for the cap I'm wearing. It was my reward for traveling the longest distance to attend.
From left: Martha Westerman Strain, Lucille Montgomery Payne, Annette Erwin Ege, Evelyn Pethel Frame, Charles Ege, Ted Ivy, and Frank Frame.

Front, from left:

Evelyn Pethel Frame, Jal, NM
Bernadine Rone Ward, Leland, MS
Annette Erwin Ege, Austin, TX
Katherine Hall Harris, Emory, TX
Ida Mae Hudson DeRan, Conroe, TX

Back, from left:

Juanita Foster Harlow, Lovington, NM
Mary Jane Foster Barclay, Brownwood, TX
Lucille Montgomery Payne, Cross Plains, TX
Hazel McKinley Rider, Coleman, TX
Myrtha Westerman Strain, Monrow, LA
Patti Sue Coburn Dolgener, San Angelo, TX