Leland, Mississippi - March, 1956 to September, 1994

As our fortunes improved, we began to realize that our dreams of owning our own home were within the realm of possibility. We took many Sunday afternoon drives considering various sites. Leland was the most obvious choice, but exactly where in Leland was a little harder to decide.
The Lakeview Estates subdivision was being built. We seriously considered a house on the banks of Lake Mononac but decided against that location because Bradley was eighteen months old and I was afraid he would fall in…so we settled for 105 Lakeview Drive, which was about a block and a half from the lake. I must have thought that he was going to stay a toddler forever, but it didn’t happen. As soon as he was older he joined the rest of the neighborhood children in many hours of play in and around the lake.
The 38 years that we lived in Leland covered a wide range of life experiences for our family, some happy, some sad, many routine. Margie and Brad changed from little children to adults, which included joy and heartache and many emotions in between. There’s no way to sum up in mere words those years: growth, health, happiness, graduations, marriage, illness, death, etc. Through it all the Lord was good to us, watching over us until the chapter closed on September 3, 1994 with the arrival of the moving van and the beginning of the Atlanta chapter.

105 Lakeview Drive, Leland, Mississippi

The moving van closes the Leland chapter of our lives.