The Rone Home Place - Then and Now

59 Years Later – Dec. 20, 1997

Remember the song, “This Old House”? All about the heartaches and happiness experienced through the years as it sheltered its family. Brad, Matthew, Austin and I visited the Rone home place to document via camera some of the changes brought about by the years. It’s sad in a way – yet not in another way. It served its purpose of seeing to maturity Grandmother and Grandaddy Rone’s family. When Grandmother and Grandaddy Rone came there as bride and groom they must have been full of dreams of carving out a home in that pioneer section of Texas in which to raise their family. I think they were successful. As we walked around the ruins on this December day so many years later I could almost feel the spirits of dear people who had lived there and had meant so much to me.

Front of the house and cistern.

Closer view of cistern.

Matthew and Austin (great-great-grandsons) at the tback of the house.

Front of the house. The large cedar tree was ancient when I was a little girl. I climbed it a lot - sometimes I would sit among the branches, reading books and watching birds or squirrels.

The Barn.

North side of the house.

Amy, Matthew, and Austin's Great-Great-Grandparents:
James H. Rone (1860-1942)
Sarah Cynthia Rone (1862-1914)

Ruby (back) and Bernice.