San Diego Friends

Grunion Hunting. Grunions are a small species of fish common to Southern California beaches. When the moon is full and tides are high, these little silver fish flop up on the beach, lay their eggs, then flop back into the surf. This is a perfect excuse for friends to get together for beach parties. Great fun - bonfires, food, roasting marshmellows, but most of all, the wild scramble to get the slippery little fish into buckets before they make it back into the ocean. If enough are caught - then comes the fish fry.

A fishing trip to Moreno Lake, August 17-18, 1946, with Blaine, Dorothy, and Bradley Baker

Picniciking with Tommy and Mary Lovejoy - Easter '46

Bill and Miriam Sullivan, April '49, picnicking on our way to see the wildflowers.

Our dear friends, John and Brownie Bourdon.
I worked with Johnny at the 11th Naval District Headquarters all during the time Vernon was overseas during the war. When Vernon came home he enjoyed the Bourdons as much as I. We had lots of fun together. Eventually miles separated us. We left California for Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi, but we made one trip back to California to visit them. When Johnny retired from the Navy they moved to Oregon. We kept in touch with letters and Christmas cards, and one visit back. We remained friends until death parted us.

John, Brownie, Jimmy, Vernon and I horseback riding at the Hubburd Grove Inn in the mountains east of San Diego.

August 2, 1946 - Celebrating John and Brownie's Third Wedding Anniversary.