Vernon Ward & Marriage

Tijuana, Mexico

Vernon, I, and a friend.

Torrey Pines, CA

Tijuana, morning after
On March 14, 1943 Vernon and I were married. The ceremony was performed in the pastor’s office. Our friends, Fred and Laurene Dubuque were with us, signing as witnesses. She was the former Laurene Jones, friend from Albuquerque days. Also present were Vernon’s parents, his brother Arthur, and my Dad.
We left after the ceremony for a three-day honeymoon in Ensenada, Mexico.
It was amusing and, to Vernon, slightly embarrassing that his Dad was required to sign to give his son permission to marry. Vernon was 18 and I was 21. I had given my correct age to Vernon all along but he had told me that he was also 21 – until it came time to sign papers, then he had to admit that he wasn’t quite that grown-up! A bit of a surprise to me….but at that point it didn’t seem to matter.

Sunset Cliffs - San Diego