Walker Family Reunion

Walker Reunion

Grandmother Garrett's Family: The Walker Family Reunion (about 1938)

Front row, from left: (unknown), Uncle Finis, Aunt Demia, Aunt Cordula, Uncle Walter, Grandmother, (unknown), (unknown), Aunt Ethel (Finis' Wife)

Second Row: Edna Merle (Finis' Daughter), (unknown), Merlin & Gladys Garrett, Aleta (Walter's Daughter) & Huel Moore, (unknown), Loretta (Demia's Daughter)

Back row: (unknown), (unknown), Grandaddy, Uncle Elmer Vestal (Demia's husband), (unknown), Aunt Minnie (Walter's wife), (unknown), (unknown), (unknown), possibly Aleta's two children.

Grandmother, Harold, and Bernadine

Grandmother, Harold, and I (Bernadine)

Grandmother and Bernadine

Grandmother and I.

Grandmother, Husband, Daughter, and Bernadine

Grandmother, Granddaddy, Mother, and I.

Bernadine with Harold Garrett

Harold Garrett and I.

C.P Tucker Family

C. P. Tucker Family:
Friends of the J. C. Garrett Family. They lived down the road a mile or so. Their youngest, Collins, played with the Garrett youngest, Maola. The older girls were friends of Mother and I think Merlin dated one of them for a while.

Grandmother With Harold

Grandmother with Harold

Garrett's first car

Grandaddy Garrett's First Car:
Maola remembers it as coming into their lives when she was about four years old. It was an Overland. the salesman brought it out from Abilene. It had celluloid (before the days of plastic) curtains that could be fastened inside when it rained. One of the first cars bought in the community - VERY special. The children are (left to right): Maola and cousins Loretta and Juanita (Aunt Demia and Uncle Elmer Vestel's daughters).