Walker Reunion II

I have happy memories of Aunt Gladys’ family, the Bairds. They lived near the Rones in the Dressy community, about three or four miles west of Cross Plains. They had three girls, all near my age, Virginia Belle, Kitty Sue, and Winnie Beth. They also had two older sons, and Gladys was the oldest daughter – already married to Uncle Merlin. I loved visiting their home. It was such a busy, bustling, loving home – a contrast to the quietness of Granddaddy and Grandmother’s home. (Let’s face it – I was very lonely living there after Mother’s death.) Anyway, it was great fun spending the nights with them. We would talk and giggle till all hours. They lived near a cemetery so sometimes when the moon was full, on warm summer nights, we would slip out of bed and go down there among the tomb stones and scare each other with ghost stories. We explored all around – especially the cotton gin near their house. And wonder of wonders…they had a swimming pool. It was an honest to goodness concrete pool built for the sole purpose of swimming and having fun – an extremely rare thing in that part of the country at that time. So we swam and had FUN. Mrs. Baird had enough love for her big family with plenty left over for me. She shared her love generously. I visited in their home every chance I got during the years I spent in Cross Plains.

Virginia Belle Baird and I.

Another family reunion at Buffalo Gap, probably about 1935.
Left to right: Harold Garrett, Clarence (Bunk) Walker, Edna Merle and Marion Walker, Me, Dorothy Walker, Barbara Garrett, Jimmie Vestal, and J. N. Marshall.